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In 1992, I was standing in the Los Angeles County Museum of Modern Art during the "Degenerate Art" show (works designated by Adolph Hitler as degenerate,) looking at the prints of Beckmann, Nolde, Kirchener and others, looking especially hard at Karl Schimdt-Rotluff's "Kristus Kopf" (or "Head of Christ" as it's known in English,) and I decided then and there that I wanted to work in this medium.

Since that time I have carved and printed over two hundred and fifty different wood, linoleum and plastic block prints. Even though I've worked with all of the traditional media and made a number of multiple color block prints, I primarliy make hand-colored woodblock prints from birch ply, rag paper, oil-based ink, and watercolors.

Here are a few examples.

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